HDA Intel sound card problem

dariusz rojewski drojewski at gmail.com
Sun Aug 16 17:42:01 UTC 2009

2009/8/16 William Case <billlinux at rogers.com>

> Hi;
> I would make two suggestions then I will drop unnecessary comments.
> 1) Make sure that the "PCM" slider in alsamixer or one of its gui's
> (Advance volume, Gmixer etc.) is 100% open.

Yes, it is. :)

> 2) Ubuntu users seem to be having the same kind of problems.  Google for
> your problem but use Ubuntu as a key word.  Check to see if your problem
> exists with them.  If it does, it is probably an upstream broken driver
> and needs a Bug report or additional comment on an existing bug.

I've used google for loong days (i was on ubuntu/opensuse/ forum) without

> I have removed PulseAudio as well.  I have spent a couple of weeks
> (months?) on this and have not yet solved it.  I have learned that
> PulsAudio is unlikely the culprit.  By removing PulseAudio, posting on
> the Alsa mailing list and reading all the Fedora ALSA bug reports (and
> there are a lot of them) I have become convinced that the solution lies
> somewhere between a Sound_Driver => ALSA.  Once ALSA is working,
> PulseAudio will work.
I found many possible solutions, but none of them work. I'll try with
pulseaudio one more again. Thanks

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