How do I get sound in GNOME without pulseaudio

Tim ignored_mailbox at
Tue Aug 18 14:29:34 UTC 2009

On Tue, 2009-08-18 at 08:31 -0500, Aaron Konstam wrote:
> It's my experiennce that removing alsa-plugind-pulseaudio disables
> pulseaudio and you are back to just alsa. Running alsamixer leads me
> to that conclusion.

Do you mean that alsamixer says something about how it's running, or
that playing with the mixer levels in alsamixer leads you to that

Alsamixer just plays with the mixer controls, turning up/down PCM, CD,
or other audio signals, still works even when pulseaudio is on your
system.  You're just adjusting the signals part way through the chain.

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