Discussion -- perhaps a trollette -- re: upgrades !

Paul jpb at entel.ca
Wed Aug 19 19:50:30 UTC 2009

Tim wrote:
> On Wed, 2009-08-19 at 11:17 -0700, Paul wrote:
>> Being near them is almost frightening just from the sheer size of the
>> machinery and noise of 1200 cubic meters (over 42,000 cubic feet) per
>> second of water driving it all.
> There is something somewhat unnerving about standing next to huge
> generators.  Whether it's an awareness of the power being generated, or
> just the sheer force of what's going on inside the casing you're right
> next to, I couldn't say.  But you sure get the feeling that you should
> keep your distance and don't touch.
You know it's not likely to suddenly shred itself (and you, like a bug 
in a high speed turbine - oh wait, it IS a high speed turbine), but you 
also know that it _could_. It's that sense of imminent danger, like 
peering down at the water between the dock you are standing on and the 
35,000 ton battleship moored mere feet away from you, knowing how easily 
you could become nothing but a stain on the weathered wood.

Cheers :)



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