GNOME startup, -before- desktop

Jud Craft craftjml at
Fri Aug 21 04:22:01 UTC 2009

On 08/18/2009 01:18 PM, Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
> Jud Craft wrote:
>> I would like to run a script at login, but before gnome-panel and
>> nautilus-desktop are launched (after gnome-session is okay, of
>> course).
>> Is there a place in the login/startup process that I can do this?
>> With Gnome's "Startup Applications", a script is not guaranteed to be
>> executed before the rest of the desktop.
> You can try putting it in .xsession or .Xclients in your home directory.
> Mikkel

I did try but to no avail.

Every page on Google from a "gdm x session startup" search claims that 
GDM does not execute the classic X user session scripts unless you 
specifically select "Custom..." as your session type rather than "GNOME" 
or "KDE".  And in that case, you are responsible for launching the 
window manager/desktop yourself.

So X session scripts are a no-go.  Just have to poke around some more, I 

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