Thunderbird does not shutdown properly in F11?

Kevin J. Cummings cummings at
Fri Aug 21 17:22:27 UTC 2009

On 08/21/2009 07:30 AM, mike cloaked wrote:
>     Ed Greshko wrote:
>     You can't be running TB 3.0b3 with lightning and enigmail, right?  I
>     don't think those plugins work in that least I wasn't able
>     to install them...with any of the 3.0 betas.
>     ... [show rest of quote]
> When I originally installed F11 I then also installed the two
> additional packages from the Fedora updates via yum - since then I
> have just updated as normal and the packages remain in place.
> Lightning is installed with:
> yum install thunderbird-lightning which is in updates
> and enigmail via:
> yum install thunderbird-enigmail and this is in rpmfusion
> I know that the latter is not strictly directly supported by Fedora -
> but that was why I asked the question - if others are seeing this
> issue but who have not installed the latter then this implies there is
> a problem with thunderbird itself but I don't know the answer to this
> yet?

	I just ran a short test, and thunderbird shuts down cleanly for me
(F11.x86_64).  And, yes, I am up-to-date with thunderbird (3.0b3) and
running both lightning and enigmail (which were both just re-released to
work with 3.0b3).  I kinda wish more of the other plugins I had
installed would work with the beta.  Are you running any other plugins
besides the 2 you mentioned?  I kinda miss the quote collapse and header
scroll extensions which aren't compatible with the beta release.

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