F10: K3b cannot create audio CD from flac or mp3 files

wwp subscript at free.fr
Sun Aug 23 09:36:50 UTC 2009

Hello there,

I'm getting an error when attempting to create an audio CD from flac or
mp3 files. K3b 1.0.5 (using KDE 3.5.10-13-fc10) within Fedora 10. Blank
CD-R inserted and recognized, flac/mp3 files show correct permissions
for user.

The point is that the necessary plug-ins are loaded as seen in the K3b
plugin configuration details (*) and that few weeks ago I was able to
create such audio CD from flac or mp3 files..

The error when I click a flac or mp3 file:
Unable to handle the following files due to an unsupported format:
You may manually convert these audio files to wave using another application supporting the audio format and then add the wave files to the K3b project.

$ rpm -qa|grep -i k3b

I have no clue about what was changed that could prevent this
operation, maybe a yum update..

Any hint?


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