SOLVED (was YPBIND Failure)

Ashley M. Kirchner ashley at
Mon Aug 24 04:30:49 UTC 2009

    This issue has been resolved.  The Makefile that resides in /var/yp/ 
does not export the shadow file by default.

    -- A

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Subject: 	YPBIND Failure
Date: 	Sun, 23 Aug 2009 19:19:31 -0600
From: 	Ashley M. Kirchner <ashley at>
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   I'm trying to replace an old server (still running RH7.3) with a new 
one (running FC11).  For the most part, everything works ... except the 
YP setup.  The way things are configured is that this machine is the YP 
master, and then I have a 3rd machine that's binding to it to get the 
user information it needs.  As far as I can tell, all the configuration 
files and everything is setup identical as the old machine ... except, 
the 3rd machine has issues.  When I launch ypbind, it binds properly, no 
errors.  However, when I test logging in with a user, it tells me the 
password failed.  So obviously there's something wrong.  It's almost as 
if the password map isn't being passed or checked, but for the life of 
me I can't figure out why.

   Is there still someone out there who knows enough about YP that can 
help me track this puppy down?  Thanks!

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