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Mon Aug 24 15:36:00 UTC 2009

On Mon, 2009-08-24 at 11:01 -0400, pete b. wrote:
> These are my questions:
> 1. Does the Firewall Configuration Tool modify a file? Which one?


You can also use the iptables command to temporarily, and permanently,
change rules via the command line.  See the man file.

> 2. Can I change the sshd port number via the Firewall Configuration
> Tool? 

Not directly, the firewall tool configures the firewall.  Configuring a
server is done by configuring that server.  However, one can make port
redirection rules in the firewall (route an incoming port connection to
go to a different port).  That works for simple protocols, but can be a
problem with services that open ports in different directions, and not
always the same port.

> NB, can someone specify all the instructions for this, when I tried it
> I was unable to select a service.

If you play with the trusted services list in the firewall, that just
has some prepared rules, associating names of some common services with
their usual port number.  If you want to open up other ports, then
specify them manually in the other ports section (add a port, pick a
listed one from the list of common services, or tick the user defined
box and type in the ports you want and whether tcp or udp; create two
rules if you need both tcp and udp).  

It's not that hard to work out by looking at the GUI options.  If you
don't understand firewalling and routing, then that's what you need to
read about first.

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