SELinux, F11 issue?

Bill Davidsen davidsen at
Tue Aug 25 17:39:04 UTC 2009

Dave Stevens wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a dual hard drive setup with F7 on one drive and F11 on the 
> other. Using the new F11 install I can't check my bank account online, 
> something I do a lot.
> I only use one install at a time, powering down and changing cables from 
> one drive to the other so that the installs don't interact.
> When I first installed F11 I became aware of this issue right away and 
> figured SELinux might be the culprit so I disabled it, using the 
> provided tool. No dice. I don't know what to try now, any suggestions?
> The site in question is At the top right is a link with 
> link text "Personal." When in F7 I click that and get to a login page, 
> with F11 I get a server not found error:
> "Server not found
> Firefox can't find the server at"
Well "www6" conventionally is a web server on an IPv6 address, but that doesn't 
seem to be the case here. That name resolves to multiple IP addresses, none of 
which have reverse dns. The addresses belong to multiple owners in multiple 
countries. I would not expect my bank to outsource servers holding customer 
account information... The personal account link from the bank goes to a deep 
link at memberdirect, all other go to addresses.

My thought would be to use tcpdump on each system and see what's happening. I 
would expect there to be some packet type which is being treated differently, 
possibly due to a security change or firewall rule. Once you see what's 
happening you can either fix it yourself or ask a new question.

Comment on your bank's security: having a link to the secure login on an 
insecure page is bad practice, since most users are unlikely to check the link 
address or the security certificate, or to notice if there is no security 

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