Backing out an upgrade

Bill Davidsen davidsen at
Fri Aug 28 19:07:12 UTC 2009

I was trying a rawhide kernel to see if it would address a video problem. It 
did, but pulled in dependencies which didn't work, resulting in many selinux 
denials of udev, missing devices, and things which convince me rawhide is not 
even in alpha shape. After a few hours I finally tried to revert udev, selinux, 
selinux-policy*, and policy*. No matter how I tried I couldn't get yum to 
downgrade just those things. Yes I had the downgrade and other extensions loaded 
in yum, but it was either going to remove the entire set of all software or nothing.

I did downgrade the kernel, erase some things I could easily reinstall, but none 
of the tricks I used on previous similar issues helped. I finally esed the yum 
shell to do the erase with leaves, and then an install of the minimum toolset. 
However, even though the yum was still fc11, the erase took everything out yum 
needed to do the install.

The cold reinstall is running, I took a brief try of fc12 alpha, same issue with 
not creating devices, and something else is now being installed on that system.

Just a note to people who might be trying rawhide, just installing the kernel 
appears to bring in enough cruft to leave the system unusable.

Bill Davidsen <davidsen at>
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