Setting up a point-to-point NIC in NetworkManager

Rick Stevens ricks at
Fri Aug 28 20:00:45 UTC 2009

Bill Davidsen wrote:
> How does one set up a point to point NIC in NetworkManager? Or should I 
> go back to doing everything manually?

To set up a fixed IP:

	Right-click on the NM icon
	Select "Edit Connections"
	Select the type of connection (wired, wireless, etc.)
	Click on "Add"
	Put some mnemonic name in the "Connection Name" field
	Check or uncheck the "Connect Automatically" box
	In the "Wired" tab, put in your MAC address
	In the "IPV4 Settings" tab:
		Select "Manual" as the method
		Click "Add" next to Addresses
		Put in the desired IP, netmask and gateway
		(you need to click in each field to enter data)
		Put in your desired DNS servers and search domains
	Click "Apply"

Fairly easy to do.
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