Can we have different desktop backgrounds for different workspaces

Anne Wilson annew at
Sat Aug 29 12:59:34 UTC 2009

On Friday 28 August 2009 20:23:39 Gene Heskett wrote:
> >For each desktop, right-click and select Add Widgets.  Add the widgets
> >relevant to the activity you intend for that desktop.
> The very terse wording makes it non-intuitive.  And clicking on help gets
> me the advisory that it has not yet been written.
I'm sorry, but I have no idea what it was you wanted help with.

> >Remember that your desktops now act independently.  You can have leisure-
> >related widgets on a different desktop from your work-related ones.
> >
> >If that's not what you meant by 'plasmoid launcher', describe a bit more
> > what you want.
> What I want is the same, semi transparent launcher to be available on all 8
> screens.   For that, it seems I should be able to edit an rc or conf file
> someplace, and just copy/paste that same stanza in the verses for the other
> 7 screens.

I'm no wise with this, either.  What exactly do you mean by semi-transparent 
launcher?  I don't recognise the description.

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