Anyone using Skype on FC11 ?

Georgi Hristozov georgi at
Mon Aug 31 08:14:29 UTC 2009

2009/8/31 Gene Heskett <gene.heskett at>:
> Search on /. for skype & spooks.  Or if you are really confident, use it to
> plan blowing something up on the 9/11/01 anniversary but plan to have your
> plans interrupted.
> Also, there is another attack that was discussed just in the last 36 hours or
> so, where a compromised machine makes an mp3 out of your conversation, and
> then mails it someplace.  Presumably a winderz box I imagine.  Hopefully us
> linux folks have enough sense to not let that happen.


I'm missing the particular information how have they "decoded" Skype,
please give us a link or something. AFAIK Skype is using RSA for key
negotiation, so it will be much bigger technological breakout if the
gov manages to decrypt the data in a reasonable time. We all know
about the supercomputers, ingenious scientists, UFO technologies and
so, but for me the authorities are still just blindly raising fears in
the normal internet users.

Attack such as the second can be done on every single computer program
and I don't think we must assume it's against Skype. If somebody
steals your GMail password with a trojan, I don't think it's a
weakness in the security of Google's product.



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