A reminder of EOL for F8

David dgboles at comcast.net
Mon Jan 5 23:46:38 UTC 2009

Mike Cloaked wrote:
> David Boles wrote:
>> My point was that the Fedora 8 system will not magically 'poof' and stop
>> working. But it would be for a user of Feodra 8, IMHO, a good time to
>> plan an upgrade.
> Of course and it certainly would be desirable to upgrade if at all possible.
> However for some combinations of hardware a graphical install will fail and
> if a text install is used instead then some systems (eg those with Intel
> 82845G graphics) will not work at all well once F10 is installed until the
> relevant driver is fixed.
> eg see https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=429500

Yes there are hardware problems for some people. Always have been
problems. Probably always will be problems. Which is a bad thing and, in
a way, a good thing. Bad for the person at the time. Good for Linux
if/when the fix can be applied.

But, to quote you, "some systems (eg those with Intel 82845G graphics)
will not work at all well". What does that mean? Exactly.

Does not work? At all? Period? Or does not produce accelerated graphics?
Intel is known for 'working' and for having open source drivers but not
as a top of the line chip. I know of several, maybe 10, people with
Intel chips, I do not know which set(s), that use Fedora 10 with no
problems. But they don't ask anything 'special' of their system.

Is that listed in the official Fedora errata or 'known problems'? If not
you should point that out to Rahul.

Good luck with your problem.



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