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> >     Hello,
> >      I am configuring a server with 3 GB of RAM; how much swap partition
> >     size should I allocate. I think allocating twice of RAM will be
> >     waste of HDD space. What is the standard.
> >
> > If you intend to hibernate, then you need at least the same size of the
> ram.
> And then consider that you may want to hibernate even when the
> machine is already using some swap.
> I think that if you have 3GB of RAM you have more than 100GB of HD space.
> Maybe a lot more, as you say it's a server.
> I'd go for 5GB.
As I said before, one can always use an extra swap area via a file.

But if a server would ever need a 5GB of swap, then it is time to buy more
The amount of "data + programs running" should not exceed the amount of
available ram,
if one wants a decent performance on a server:

Paulo Roma Cavalcanti
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