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Sun Jan 18 18:19:05 UTC 2009

First, to the user who had a bad experience on the Zikula support forums - I really apologise.  We have had very good feedback on our support before, but I imagine a few people will always slip through the net.  I use Fedora as my development rig for Zikula, and Zikula will work on any recent linux/apache/php.

If I could make a slightly better case for Zikula than you've seen already:

1.  Zikula has a huge focus on security - we've had our code externally audited, and assessed by a start up selling automated security analysis.  In this test, we came out far ahead of our competitors.  As for security flaws, there have been none reported for over a year.

2.  We've had 4 people volunteer to maintain the site should you choose Zikula.  Our sites working group would likely see their responsiibility expand from * to include the Fedora docs site.

3.  Our upcoming version (1.2.0) will use gettext for translations.

4.  The core supports what we call Auth modules, which allow any Zikula installation to authenticate users against an external source such as LDAP.

5.  We have a workflow module and a finegrained permissions system with user groups.  In addition, we have an extremely powerful module called pagemaster, supporting revisions control, workflows, a completely customisable document structure and a whole bunch of other stuff.  We could almost certainly work in support for expiring content as well without making any code modifications to the module.

6.  Everything is templated, including almost every third party module. Easy to change look/feel with themes, or particular module output with template overrides.

7.  The templating system includes caching (either whole page, or page-component based)

If you need to know more, just ask.  I or some other representative of the project can drop into IRC if it helps.

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