Evolution broken

Noel James Bridge james at xmas.demon.co.uk
Tue Jan 20 13:40:39 UTC 2009

Chris Tyler wrote:
> On Tue, 2009-01-20 at 10:45 +0000, Noel James Bridge wrote:
>> Without any apparent reason, Evolution has suddenly become unable to 
>> send or receive messages. I set up Thunderbird instead and that works 
>> fine. However, it downloaded about 3500 messages that should have been 
>> deleted, so it looks as though there has been a problem for some time. 
>> Webmail shows that the messages have now been deleted but Evolution 
>> still has the Send/Receive button greyed out.
>> Anyone else had similar problems?
> Is Evolution offline? (Disconnected icon in the lower-left corner, or
> File>Work Online/Offline) This is the only time I see the Send/Receive
> button greyed out.
> -Chris
Duh! That was it. Thanks, Chris


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