pdf creation tool?

Craig White craigwhite at azapple.com
Sun Jan 25 00:36:29 UTC 2009

On Sat, 2009-01-24 at 12:23 -0600, Frank Cox wrote:
> On Sat, 24 Jan 2009 12:38:53 -0500
> Bill Davidsen wrote:
> > I would like to convert some old paper documentation to PDF in case I ever need 
> > it. I have the scan software, I can easily create an image of each page, or save 
> > the page in postscript or pdf. What I don't have is a simple tool which will 
> > easily allow me to put the pages into a single document, and possibly add an 
> > index so I can find things if needed.
> You will find that pdftk is very useful for many things pdf-related.
> The bad news is that it is no longer available from "official" Fedora
> repositories.
> The good news is that you can compile the Fedora 7 pdftk
> (pdftk-1.41-5.fc7.src.rpm) on Fedora 9 and 10.
indeed and I have been doing that very thing.

pdftk is a great tool.

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