PHP Mime Broken?

das at
Thu Jan 29 12:45:56 UTC 2009

Hello Friends

I copied a part of an website with 'wget -ckr' and then when I opened
the files with a browser, none of the three GUI browsers Epiphany,
Firefox, or Galeon on my Fedora 8 are being able to open the PHP
files, like say index.php which is called by index.html. Even when I
gave the command 'Open With' what is happening that the browser is
opening another tab, and asking there once again how to open the *.php
files. As a test I sent some files in a tar to one of my friends who
is on Fedora 10, and they are opening fine.

What is happening there? Is the mime broken? And why? Any suggestion?
One thing, for the time being I will not be able to upgrade to Fedora
10, I am now too busy with a job to change OS. Anything else?

Thank you all.

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