Internet connection in F10 via bluetooth-connected WM6 phone?

Rick Stevens ricks at
Thu Jan 29 19:15:11 UTC 2009

Mike Cloaked wrote:
> Rick Stevens-3 wrote:
>> I found a link that sorta describes this, but uses the USB instead of
>> bluetooth:
>> Carrying a USB cable in the laptop bag shouldn't be a huge problem.
> OK I followed up on this, and decided to try that route - it turns out that
> using the usb cable does work but not without some workarounds.
> What I did was as follows:
> 1) plug in the usb cable from the HTC kaiser running WM6 to the laptop. The
> laptop in fact has only ethernet and usb ports for networking but not
> wireless. The ethernet port was not being used in this case.
> 2) NetworkManager recognises the connection and thinks it is connected to
> auto-eth1 but at this stage there is no ip address or dns info set up, and
> /etc/resolv.conf has no information provided by NM.
> 3) Now on the phone go to the Internet Sharing page, and clock "connect".
> The facility and packages necessary to make the connection are already
> installed in F10 and NM disconnects for a moment and then reconnects to auto
> eth1, and NM thinks there is a connection available, and so does the phone.
> 4) ifconfig now looks good and shows a sensible ip address (in fact in the
> range or so for eth1. However no access is available to named
> sites using ping, ssh or firefox at this stage, but ping does make a
> connection to external sites by ip address!
> 5) Looking at /etc/resolv.conf the reason becomes clear.  The nameserver is
> set as (which is the phone) but the search is set to something
> else that appears unrelated to the phone, and a "domain" is also set not
> related to the phone, so NM has created a resolv.conf that fails to work. 
> Manually editing resolv.conf to change the search line to "search
>" now works and ping, ssh and firefox do work but it is rather
> slow.
> 6) Since this is not ideal, I made a new connection called htc-eth1 for NM
> and set up the parameters by hand so that it would create a sensible
> resolv.conf - now when the phone is plugged in via the usb line, and
> connected from the phone end it makes the auto-eth1 connection as before but
> with the incorrect resolv.conf, and merely clicking on the NM icon and
> changing the connection to the htc-eth1 profile now works, and additionally
> setting it up without tls between the laptop and phone speeds up the
> connection a lot.
> So the conclusion is that F10 is setup with the correct applications and
> nearly gets it right out of the box - but it is necessary to make a work
> around before you can use the connection. I presume that this is essentially
> a bug in NM but I have not searched to see if there are any existing reports
> in BZ yet.

Glad you got it working.  I have a BlackBerry, hence I use XmBlackBerry.
It's a right pain in the arse to set up but it works.  I don't think
NM groks BlackBerrys.  I don't really care for NM as it has a lot of
faults when I try to use it for what I need, but some people swear by
it.  Me?  I generally swear AT it.
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