Are you using LXDE?

Bill Davidsen davidsen at
Wed Jun 3 15:32:42 UTC 2009

Tim wrote:
> On Tue, 2009-06-02 at 20:27 -0400, John Aldrich wrote:
>> How does one configure Fedora 10 to use the nouveau driver if one does
>> not have an xorg.conf? I know that the "old" way used to be to
>> hand-edit the xorg.conf, but since that doesn't exist any more, I'm at
>> a loss for how to fix this.
> One option is to create one from scratch.  There's plenty of samples on
> the web about how the xorg.conf file is formed.  Do a bit of research.
Two less error-prone ways are to install and use system-config-display or run 
Xorg with the option to create the file (sorry, don't remember it).

I thought you could just use xdriver=noveau on the boot line, but I haven't 
looked at that stuff in a year or so and might be misremembering.

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