scim and keyboard input issues still

Ed Greshko Ed.Greshko at
Sun Jun 14 09:43:05 UTC 2009

Craig White wrote:
> On Sun, 2009-06-14 at 12:27 +0800, Ed Greshko wrote:
>> Maybe try one thing?
>> Just for a test, create a new user and test with that to see if there is
>> a difference.
> ----
> yes a user does not have the problem so maybe it is
> related to systemsettings in KDE. Good thought
Well....multiple paths to narrow it down.....

One idea would be to save copies of the .scim and .kde directories of
the new user and then make the same changes to the new user that you
think resulted in the problem.  If it does then you can see what files
have changed and then determine what needs to be fixed.


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