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Isn't there a way to say "run as administrator" in Linux...?

2009/6/14 Tim <ignored_mailbox at>

> Tim:
> >> I imagine the common problem being using a menu to fire off the things
> >> you want to configure.
> Steve Searle:
> > Point taken, although I would have assumed it would be done from the
> > command line.
> Though they'd hardly need to log in graphically as root to do command
> line work.  Two big problems for newcomers are knowing what commands
> they'll need to use, and how to use the commands.
> Graphical menus list what's available to you, and you can work out which
> ones you need to use, if they're created sensibly (their naming,
> additional pop-up menu hints, etc.). And well designed GUI tools should
> be self explanatory (sensible named and grouped options, etc.).
> To use a command line tool, you have to know the name of the command, in
> the first place.  So prior experience, or good documentation is
> required.  You can't get the experience from nowhere, and the
> documentation is getting worse and worse.
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