Are there any BMR (bare metal restore) style apps for Linux

Kam Leo kam.leo at
Wed Jun 17 02:08:25 UTC 2009

On Tue, Jun 16, 2009 at 8:47 AM, Gabriel - IP
Guys<Gabriel at> wrote:
>> > Thank you for taking the time to read  my email, I’m looking for a
>> BMR
>> > app for fedora, so that I can at least have the piece of mind that I
>> > can rebuild within an hour rather than a day or so. I’ve looked at
>> > Amanda, but I’m wary about the BMR capabilities, any hints or tips?
>> >
>> I've had really good experience with the clonezilla livecd to BMR
>> several machines.
> Clonezilla requires that the target system is taken offline, I'm looking for something that I can do live, and remotely, but I thank you for your time Brian - I will test out clonezilla for the hell of it anyway!

Please clarify for me your definition of BMR (BARE METAL RESTORE). How
do you do a remote restore when the drive or its content is toast? If
you can do things remotely you are not looking at BMR but a backup

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