OT: Dual Pentium III, good enough for current 2.6 kernel linux?

Fernando Cassia fcassia at gmail.com
Tue Jun 23 13:52:39 UTC 2009

I´m contemplating what to do with one of my old desktops which is a
dual Pentium III, 650Mhz, with 1 Gig of RAM and
ATA-33 hard disk controller, plus two Elsa Gloria Synergy 8MB PCI
video adapters (video chipset? I don´t even remember) for a
dual-display config.

Would Fedora 11 run OK in such a system. I´m afraid Gnome might eat a
lot of the cpu horsepower available, just for eye candy...

Or perhaps it´s best to leave it running as-is as a museum piece with
its current OS/2 4.52 (WSeB) with SMP kernel? ;-)

Upgrading it to the fastest possible CPUs has circled my mind, but I
don´t think it´d be worth investing a single extra penny in this

If I remember correctly the highest CPU that could be installed on
this system were 1Ghz Pentium III but with a 100Mhz FSB and 10x
However those CPUs were hard to come by even at the time (1999), as
most were 133Mhz bus already.

So I don´t even know how likely it´d be today to find a pair of 1Ghz
512K cache - 100 Mhz bus PIII cpus with matching Stepping ID.

Perhaps I should just throw it out the window and get a $250 netbook
which @ 1.6 Ghz will give me better performance than this anvil?.

The thought of selling it as metal scrap by the pound / kilogram also
has circled my mind...

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