Firefox 3.5 beta occasionally completely locks system when starting f11 x86_64

Jason Turning jturning at
Sat Jun 27 17:35:01 UTC 2009

stan wrote:
> Hi,
> Occasionally, when starting Firefox in F11 x86_64 it will completely
> lock the system, requiring a hard reboot.  Is anyone else experiencing
> this?  If it is just an idiosyncrasy on my system, I won't bother
> opening a problem record.  I have no indication of what is causing
> this, it might not even be firefox but something that firefox triggers.
> Seems to happen when the tabs from a previous shutdown of Firefox are
> loading.
> The system is up to date with all the updates from updates-testing so
> is running the latest kernel from there.

I haven't had a problem on my F11 x86_64 laptop. I do run the closed Nvidia
driver. Are you running a closed driver? Maybe it is locking X, so see if you
can re-enable the CTRL-ALT-BKSP key to reset just X.

Also, do you have flash working properly or could that be an issue? I used the
following website to setup my fresh Fedora 11 install.

Jason Turning

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