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Sat Jun 27 18:47:05 UTC 2009

On Sat, 27 Jun 2009 19:34:42 +0100
Paul wrote:

> I know under LookOut it is possible to do a recall on an email, but can
> it be done under Ev?

Once an email is sent, it's sent.  The text file is copied to the recipient's
mailserver where he can retrieve it and read it with his mail client (or
telnet, or even cat with a local login).

I think MS Exchange has some kind of a deletion function that Outlook can call
to delete a previously sent message, but that function is pretty much limited
to folks using MS Outlook and a MS Exchange server.  (I've never actually used
either of those so I have no idea how it really works.)

I occasionally receive an email saying "Joe Blow wishes to recall some email
message", and I assume that's someone using the Recall function of MS Outlook
but since most mailservers aren't MS Exchange, the best the Outlook mail client
can do is send a request like that to the original recipient of the email.

On Non-MS mailservers, the MS Outlook recall function works like the Linux Honor

Dear Linux user,

Here is your copy of the Linux Honor virus. Because this virus is for Linux, it
requires your cooperation and works only on the honor system. Please follow
these instructions:

1: Forward this email to everyone in your address book
2: Become root
3: type: cd / and press <Enter>
4: type: rm -Rf * and press <Enter>

Congratulations! You are now a victim of the Linux honor virus. 

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