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Tom Diehl tdiehl at
Mon Mar 2 21:08:51 UTC 2009

On Mon, 2 Mar 2009, Beartooth wrote:

> On Mon, 02 Mar 2009 12:59:34 -0500, Tom Diehl wrote:
>> I am running alpine-2.00-1.fc10.x86_64 on an F10 box. If I get a message
>> with an html or file attachment and I try to open it, I get an error
>> that "Firefox can't find the file at /tmp/img--46112.htm" The correct
>> program opens up but I always get the can't find file errors. If the
>> message contains a URL then it comes up and displays properly.
>> Does anyone know how to troubleshoot this problem?
> 	First, go into M[ain Menu] > S[etup] > C[onfigure] ; type W
> [hereis], then URL. Make sure the first hit says viewing is enabled. Then
> W till you get to URL-viewer, and post what it's set to; you may also
> want to hit the question mark and read the help -- Pine/Alpine help is
> generally well written.

This looks right to me:

_TEST("test -n '${DISPLAY}'")_  /usr/bin/firefox 
"/usr/bin/mozilla _URL_" 
"/usr/bin/links _URL_"

and if I click on a link in the message firefox opens up and goes to the site

> 	My viewer is unset, and it uses the default; since I run Gnome,
> my preferences are set in Fedora's Preferences (to Dillo -- it's fastest,
> and I can always c&p the URL to something else if Dillo can't handle it).
> 	When viewing the message, you should see at least one line among
> the headers specifying the attachment(s). Hit '>' [right angle-bracket];
> that gives you just the list of what you can view. With the cursor,
> highlight what you want, then hit Enter or the angle bracket again.

Well now here is the problem that I am trying to solve. when I do this
I see the following:

  1            2 lines   Text/PLAIN (charset: ISO-8859-1 "Latin 1 (Western Europe)")
    2           87 KB      Message/RFC822, "Fwd: Fw: The Plan"    168 lines   Text/PLAIN   ~621 lines   Text/HTML
    2.1.2       29 KB      Image/JPEG (Name: "ThePlan.jpg")

If I select the first 2 entries I get to see the attachments. If I select the
Text/HTML or Image/JPEG (Name: "ThePlan.jpg") entries I get the appropriate
viewer but a file not found error. That is the problem I am trying to 
describe and solve.

> 	When it asks, tell it Yes. If that fails, tell it Save, and
> notice the name it offers (or change it, if you like). Then go into your
> home directory and find it; this time you have all of Fedora to open it
> with, and will usually succeed.o

Yes and that works although it is cumbersome if all I want to do is see
the html version of an email. Back in my pine days this worked. I would
like to be able to figure out what changed in Alpine. What I am not sure
about is if this feature broke when I upgraded from pine to alpine or
if there was a new version of alpine that broke it. This has been broken
for me for a long time. I just have not had the time to trouble shoot this.
Recently it is becoming a large PITA.

> 	Finally, if it's some cockamamie Windows app, you may have to go
> looking for what in Linux handles that. For specifically html, right-
> clicking on the saved file will normally let you choose any browser you
> have to open it with. (I recommend Epiphany; it's the least well-
> defended, and I keep it around as an expendable to try things that my
> strong browsers won't handle, when I don't want to stop and figure out
> which defense I have to relax for something I may only ever look at once.)

Thanks for the help,


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