Combining CD ISO images into DVD ISO image

Manuel Castro mcastrobr2009 at
Thu Nov 5 19:20:28 UTC 2009

I have five Red Hat 8.0 CD ISO images and I want to combine them into a DVD
ISO image using the following command in the kernel version 2.6 of fedora

mkisofs -o Psyche-i386-dvd.iso
-b isolinux/isolinux.bin -c isolinux/
-no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 -boot-info-table
-x Psyche-i386-disc1/.discinfo -x Psyche-i386-disc1/isolinux
-graft-points Psyche-i386-disc1 .discinfo=.discinfo isolinux/=isolinux
RedHat/=Psyche-i386-disc2/RedHat RedHat/=Psyche-i386-disc3/RedHat
SRPMS/=Psyche-i386-disc3/SRPMS SRPMS/=Psyche-i386-disc4/SRPMS
SRPMS/=Psyche-i386-disc5/SRPMS docs/=Psyche-docs

and is appearing an error:

genisoimage: Error: '(null)' and 'isolinux/' have the same Rock
Ridge name ''.
Unable to sort directory isolinux
NOTE: multiple source directories have been specified and merged into the
of the filesystem. Check your program arguments. genisoimage is not tar.

The command was originally make for a kernel version 2.4, but I don't know
what change for the command to run on a kernel version 2.6.

I would  like your help

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