Simple Network Question: Part 2

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Fri Nov 6 12:50:40 UTC 2009

On 06/11/09 12:40, Dennis Mattingly wrote:
>>On 11/05/2009 03:06 PM, Dennis Mattingly wrote:
>>> I have (another) simple question involving my router.
>>> Is this a Linux Bug, or simply a Bad Router?
>>> 1) My internet is perfect (normal setup)
>>> 2) Plug my computer internet directly into ethernet router
>>> 3) $ ping
>>> network is unreachable
>>> So, is this my router, do I need to turn-off network manager, Linux bug,
>>> what next?
>>> Thanks in advance
>>What do you get when you type
>>ifconfig eth0
>>in a terminal sessino?
>>How is your card configured, through network or network manager?  Are
>>you set up to use DHCP or do you have a static configuration set?
> As requested:
> I am using standard desktop linux at home.
> : Standard cable internet provided by COX (or I switch to Verizon soon)
> at my house
> : No wireless, no fancy stuff, just typical home user
> : Typical DHCP I assume (whatever default Fedora does)
> : The router is an Encore ENsomenumber, about 1-2 years old
> : Yes my route table goes blank when I connect router
> Also, I noticed after reset-ing the router that all LED lights shine
> except POWER light,
> so I think that's just a broken LED.
> I'm not in front of my computer now, so I can't run ifconfig command yet.
> I will run ifconfig asap, but as far as I can remember, it did not fix
> the problem when I last
> attempted it (I believe around mid-June).
> I've had this issue since February (and Fedora 10).
> One day my router-setup just didn't work anymore. had to plug directly
> to wall / cablemodem
> Thanks for your patience
you need to configure your router to have both the LAN and WAN side to
use DHCP I suspect. If the LAN side is set to use fixed IP addresses it
won't work. Personally I use fixed IP addresses on the LAN side as this
allows for NFS directory sharing, and configuring the connecting PCs
with fixed IP addresses.

Hope this helps


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