Upgrades driving me crazy....

Michael Pawlowsky mikep at clearskymedia.ca
Thu Nov 12 04:46:47 UTC 2009

On 2009-11-11, at 6:33 PM, Ryan Lynch wrote:

> I really don't understand something, here. First, you blast Fedora for
> its high-speed upgrade treadmill. OK, fair enough--that gets on my
> nerves, too, at times.
> But then, near the end of your email, you complain that Red Hat/CentOS
> lacks the newest updates. Huh? Which is it--do you want the updates,
> or not?
> -Ryan

I would not call it "Blast". Simply saying it is becoming unmanageable  
in a production environment of 40 odd servers and wondering what  
others are doing.

Unfortunately the servers do not have much in common. I was using  
system images for a while and that worked well.
But creating them for 2-3 machines did not seem worth it anymore.

Again, as I said... I do want the latest packages, as in do a "yum  
update", just not have to do reinstall from scratch.

I guess there must be too many dependencies to do so that would break  
others packages.

As well, I have issues where even some paid support software I use  
(Zmanda) does not even support the latest versions of FC.

So when I upgrade to FC 11, I have to hack away to get Zmanda to start  
working again.

If it sounds like a rant...  It's simply because I am starting to  
bring all machines to FC 11 and it's a real bitch of a job!  :)

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