unexpected logout

Dj YB yehielb at mail.ru
Sat Nov 14 15:09:38 UTC 2009

On Friday November 13 2009 17:42:58 Mikkel wrote:
> Dj YB wrote:
> > thanks
> > but how much time should I wait?
> > could there be another explanation?
> > I will run this test now and get back to you after it is done
> > cheers
> > YB.
> It is more a matter of how many passes, rather then how long. For a
> quick test, one or two passes will do. But for a good test, I like
> to see at least 50 passes. This will normally find obscure problems.
> It also subjects the memory to temperature changes.
> Once you are satisfied with the test, hit the Esc key, and the
> system will do a graceful reboot.
> Mikkel

I just realised something really important,
I got 4 memory chips, 2 are 512 MB DDRII and 2 more are 256 MB DDR
when only the pair of 512 DDRII are in the bios is showing them
when only the pair of 256 DDR are in the bios is showing them as well
but, when all the 4 are together like it is all the time, the bios is only 
showing the pair of 512 for some reason...
I tried some changes in the bios but with no luck, anyone know if this a 
normal behaviour or shoudl I change something in the bios, if so what should I 
look for?
thanks in advance

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