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Frank Cox theatre at
Sat Nov 14 21:55:10 UTC 2009

On Sat, 14 Nov 2009 14:50:57 -0500
Steven W. Orr wrote:

> There's nothing wrong with perl having all kinds of perldoc pages. But perl
> comes from one place. C, OTOH could come from lots of places besides FSF and
> the switch statement in gcc may not be exactly the same as the switch
> statement in some other dialect.

As C is an ISO standard, I sincerely doubt there would be any difference in the
syntax and behaviour of the keywords between C compilers on any Unix-like
operating system.

> Let's talk about foreskins instead.

Is there something wrong with you?

> (Wait, did I just start ranting?)

I can't tell you what you're thinking, if you actually are.  Why do you
believe it's appropriate to make idiotic remarks like that in the middle of a
serious discussion on a technical mailing list?  Are you really that immature?

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