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Ed Greshko Ed.Greshko at
Mon Nov 16 08:07:45 UTC 2009

Ed Greshko wrote:
> Marcel Rieux wrote:
>> I've been had with this one. Since I found no file in /tmp, I assumed
>> there would be no URL in the code of the page.
>> This one, I believe, would be a better challenge:
> For these types of sites I've heard that you can try something like
> "rtmpdump".  
FYI, I just now successfully downloaded the entire Bill Cosby piece with....

./rtmpdump_x86 -r
-o outfile.mp4

I did this on my CentOS 5 system since rtmpdump didn't compile under
Fedora 11 and I didn't want to debug that.  And I then played it using

All of this I learned by using Google......

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