wireless problems under F11

David García Granda dgranda at gmail.com
Sat Nov 21 17:20:15 UTC 2009

Hi Paolo,

It looks like you will enjoy NetworkManager:



2009/11/21 Paolo Galtieri <pgaltieri at gmail.com>:
> I have a laptop running F11 and I have been having strange problems with
> wireless.
> At home I have a wireless network setup using WPA authentication and I can
> connect to it without problems.  Yesterday I was at the airport which has a
> free public access wireless.  I turned off wpa_supplicant, configured the
> wireless network for auto everything except the ssid which was set to the
> airport's wireless ssid. I started the network and ran iwlist wlan0 scan to
> see what networks where available.  About a dozen showed up, only a few of
> which where the airport's wireless. Despite seeing available wireless
> networks I never succeeded in connecting to any.  I tried specifying the
> channel number, nothing.   I booted up my laptop on Windows XP and it
> connected immediately.
> I arrived at my parents' house last night and tried to connect to their
> wireless network.  I had the exact same problem.  In my parents' case iwlist
> wlan0 scan showed only 1 network, theirs.  I have been able to connect to my
> parents' wireless fine previously. I booted up on Windows XP and I connected
> immediately.  This email is being sent from XP so I don't have access to the
> logs, but what I saw from running wireshark and tailing the messages file
> was that my laptop was sending out DHCP request and discover messages, but I
> never saw any replies.
> Since I can connect with XP the problem is not the hardware, does any one
> have any ideas as to what to try?  Any thoughts are appreciated.
> Is wireless support improved in F12 and would this be an option?
> Thanks,
> Paolo
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