f12 ff/X crash and notes

Skunk Worx skunkworx at verizon.net
Sat Nov 21 22:25:19 UTC 2009


I am enjoying my new f12 installation--fully upgraded to this morning.

Questions :

When I visit www.newegg.com in FF, FF and X crash to the login screen. 
This is a X86_64 system using AMD and an AGP ati card (X800). I tried 
moving .mozilla out of the way and generating a new one but this did not 
help. Does anyone else see this?

The initial login "bong" after selecting a user name seems overly loud. 
How can I disable it?

Notes :

I tried to preupgrade following the release notes and using the new rpm 
file (three days ago) but after removing stale kernels, efi, and the 
grub splash image the preupgrade setup succeeded but when I rebooted to 
the install kernel it failed with the message "0 MB. free" or some such, 
similar to the gui shown in the notes.

At that point I gave up and backed up my users and did a fresh install 
being careful to set /boot to 300 MB.

I still need to add the "nomodeset" kernel option or the system freezes 
in a few minutes.

My f11 had major window/ff pause issues starting 6 months ago and 
nothing seemed to help but that problem is gone now with f12.


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