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Wed Nov 25 08:55:58 UTC 2009


Andrew Hall <whippyhubbles at googlemail.com> writes:

> Just installed Fedora 12 on an HP DL360 G6 which went on fine.
> But as soon as I attempt to boot the OS - at the point GRUB stage 1
> should load - I get a red screen with an illegal opcode.
> Try to install again - all fine.
> Reboot again - illegal opcode.
> Is anyone else seeing this with HP hardware ?
sure ;(. I had the problem recently with DL380G6 and this other OS. We
usually configure the RAID subsystem and then perform an unattended
deployment via PXE. During the installation phase a local reboot is
performed after which the installation should proceed. But with this 
machines (and maybe others) the reboot results in a red screen. The
weired observation is that just starting the deployment process a
second time can't reproduce this error condition. We have extracted
the MBRs of machines before, in and after this error condition and
found that the partition tables are different... Perhaps you can check
this on your machines? 

As said before we have hard times to reproduce the red screen after we
successfully installed a machine. But exchanging the bootloader in
the MBR with random stuff or zeroing it out will result in a red
screen. After reimplanting a valid bootloader again the red screen
will not occur. Well, reboot cycles, the way we configure the RAID
subsystem and much other stuff might have influence on this

I'm really interested if you can solve this problem somehow.


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