Fedora V10 Networking issue

Michael Valley 6101valley at live.com
Fri Oct 16 15:55:43 UTC 2009

I sent this out yesterday (I know I'm a little impatient).  Since then, the update process

ran fine and downloaded the most current packages for V10.  This makes the issue

more interesting.  It sounds like a firewall or routing issue.  I tried disabling the firewall,

and nothing changed.  netstat -rn shows:


Destination  Gateway  GenMask         flags . . .  U          UG


ifconfig shows:


inet addr (assigned by dhcp)




No errors, dropped packets, etc.


The following is still the issue:

I have DSL with two other Windows XP computers as well as Wi-Fi for two laptops.
The Windows XP systems as well as the Fedora system are plugged into the wi-fi router.
The XP system connect to the internet fine, however the Fedora system, as far as I can 
tell, only goes to selected Fedora Websites.  I can ping around the network fine.  I have
enabled the appropriate services on the firewall, but there must be something simple
I'm missing.  The local network is  The DSL network is with a 
name server @  Thoughts?

In Him,Michael

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