Am I being punished?

Robert L Cochran cochranb at
Tue Sep 1 00:36:49 UTC 2009

So, when you installed Fedora, did you carefully uncheck that little box 
that says "System Clock uses UTC"? Windows does not really understand 
UTC or handle it very well. The solution is to go to the System --> 
Administration --> Date and Time application, click the Time Zone tab, 
uncheck the Clock Uses UTC box, click OK, reboot the machine, go into 
your BIOS and set the hardware clock correctly if need be. That should 
fix things.


On 08/31/2009 07:55 PM, Timothy Murphy wrote:
> I'm running a dual boot Windows/Fedora system on my Thinkpad T43.
> Whenever I run Windows, I find my time is 1 hour out
> when I return to Linux.
> Is this my punishment for consorting with the devil,
> or is there a simple solution?

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