howto play audio here and hear it there

Mike Wright mike.wright at
Thu Sep 3 16:26:32 UTC 2009

Tim wrote:
> Tim:
>>> Hmm, and for the rest of us that have proper networks, and don't want
>>> to run zeroconf, we can't do networked pulse audio?
> Marko Vojinovic:
>> Forgive my ignorance, but why is running avahi a problem? It was on by
>> default in all Fedora installations that I can remember ever
>> installing.
> One more thing running on a system that's already got far too many
> daemons running.
> Auto-network configuration can bite you on the bum when you start up
> your computer, and it doesn't connect to your own network like it should
> do.  e.g. The server was temporarily down, or inaccessible, then other
> things (the rest of your PCs) configure themselves in an incompatible
> way.  This is very bad for non-technical users, who think that the
> network is fine, when it's not.
> Quoting from the service itself, pay particular note to the last
> sentence:  "This is a daemon which runs on client machines to perform
> Zeroconf service discovery on a network.  avahi-daemon must be running
> on systems that use Avahi for service discovery. Avahi-daemon should not
> be running otherwise."

Ahhhhh, thank you, Tim.

I've always had NOZEROCONF=yes in /etc/sysconfig/network but noticed 
that in f10 routes for on all physical network cards were 
created *anyway*.  That explains that mystery.  Good-bye avahi-daemon.

Sometimes it feels like fedora is becoming windows...


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