Howto upgrade from FC10 > FC11

Jim mickeyboa at
Sat Sep 5 22:54:53 UTC 2009

I ran Preupgrade on a X86_64 from FC10 > FC11, it was a flawless upgrade.

And then I did a Preupgrade on a FC10 > FC11 i386 box following the 
Fedora instructions and it turn into a nightmare.
It upgraded all the packages from FC10 > FC11 except for the kernel, 
after the completion  of upgrade I end up with a FC10 boot kernel and 
FC11 packages.
And it crashed on reboot.

I'm thinking of upgrading another i386 box from FC10 > FC11, but this 
time after doing a "yum clean all" I'm thinking of just upgrading to the
fedora-release.fc11.i386.rpm's and doing a update .

Is this a good or bad ideal ??

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