Thanks for headset recommendations

Bruno Wolff III bruno at
Thu Sep 10 15:52:28 UTC 2009

Quite a while ago I asked the list for headset recommendations for chatting
and listening to music by someone who doesn't need great sound. This is a
followup to thank people for their suggestions and to note what I ended up

Several people recommended Logitech's clearchat commfort USB headsets.
That's what I went with (2 for home, 1 for work). I tried them on F11
and F12 and the sound, mic and inline volume control all work. There is
sound oddities using volume sliders in applications on F11, but I don't
think that is a driver issue.

I am not in a good position to evaluate the quality of the device against
other potential devices, because I don't have similar ones to compare against.
The sound is better than I got from what I using before and is good enough
that I would likely not benefit significantly from improved sound.

Thanks to those of use that responded to my inquiry.

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