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S.W. Bobcat wrote:
> I am a loyal Fedora USER, and it is a shame that the Fedora
> Leadership seems unwilling to listen to the complaints of its USERS.
> I'm still ising Fedora 8 and I'm hoping that in Fedora 12 the Fedora
> Leadership will have at long last started listening to its USERS.

If listening means having others do the work of scratching other
people's itches, that's not likely to happen.  OTOH, I have found that
it's very easy to get involved and start fixing things that I find
could use improvement within Fedora, be it packaging, infrastructure,
and many other areas.  The people who do the work are more than happy
to have new help.

> If Fedora 12 is another overhyped piece of garbage long on promises
> and short on delivery, I think that I'll simply start using CentOS.

That's fine.  You'll still be benefiting greatly from the work of the
folks in the Fedora community.

> My message to the Fedora Leadership: FIX THE STUFF ALRADY IN FEDORA

I personally have found that in open source projects, complaints are
best received in unified diff format. ;)

Seriously, the best way to improve things is to be involved.  You
could shout from the sidelines all you want, but it's never as likely
to get you results as getting on the field and helping.

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