Help with Fedora Research

Roger arelem at
Fri Sep 11 17:35:53 UTC 2009

> If listening means having others do the work of scratching other
> people's itches, that's not likely to happen.  OTOH, I have found that
> it's very easy to get involved and start fixing things that I find
> could use improvement within Fedora, be it packaging, infrastructure,
> and many other areas.  The people who do the work are more than happy
> to have new help.
I have been using Red Hat since version 5 and Fedora since version 3.
I fully understand that the system I use is cutting edge, some things 
don't work but almost everything does work.

My problems, few that they are, are on the list for all to review. They 
amount to my having done something I should not have. Some app that is 
faulty but gets fixed by the next upgrade or ill configured apps, not 
installing something with it's dependencies, (thank heavens for yum). I 
have upgrades almost every day of some component or other.

My needs are few., Blender, Audacity, Video editing, Firefox, Thunderbird, media 
players, Slide show manipulation, Screen shots, Gimp, Inkscape, 
MakeHuman, Scanner, Scribus, Printing, Bluefish, all work with no 
significant problems,  and last of all (grudgingly) skype which doesn't 
transmit my voice. There are about half a dozen other apps I use 
irregularly and they also work well.

I would comment here that with Blender  I have less problems than my 
daughter who uses the same version in XP, which crashes intermittently 
and XP has to be reinstalled yearly.

If there are problems, I don't care as long as I have saved my work, I 
simply restart the app.

Who would  condemn the developers,who, in my books are top folk who do 
exemplary work under significant pressure to produce 'Cutting Edge' 
technology as best they can. And they do it for you, me and everyone 
else, asking nothing in return.

Ph.D may I suggest that you get involved instead of just accepting 
something for nothing and demanding that others comply in some way.

Maybe you could itemise your problems, there may be folk who can help 
you to isolate  and solve.
Group member always have helped me so I speak from years of experience.


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