[Solved] Re: Recuperating panel icons

Sharpe, Sam J sam.sharpe+lists.redhat at gmail.com
Fri Sep 11 20:58:01 UTC 2009

2009/9/11  <gilpel at altern.org>:
>> On Friday 11 September 2009 03:33:57 gilpel at altern.org wrote:
>>> > I don't know how to add it back to the KDE Panel, in Gnome it is right
>>> > click on Panel, choose Add to Panel -> Notification Area.
>>> Solved. Thanks.
>> Please, never end a thread this way.  Always say how it was solved.
> By doing eaxctly what was suggested, of course. All said icons do belong
> to the notification area. If you try removing or adding the notification
> area, you'll see what happens.

I think Anne knows this - I think she was more wondering whether you'd
solved it by doing what I said in Gnome, found the equivalent yourself
in KDE or were using some other Desktop. It's not that we care *how*
you solved it, but it may be helpful to someone else in the future to
google your symptoms and find out exactly how you actually solved it
rather than trying every recommendation in the thread (which in a
general thread, might be all wrong) to find out which one actually



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