Rediculous amount of IO use when updating packages!

Kavon Farvardin kavon89 at
Fri Sep 11 21:11:36 UTC 2009

So I installed Fedora 11 recently on my ThinkPad R61, and had 560+
packages to update. Installing and cleaning the packages has been taking
FOREVER. Almost several hours, I've had to stop it so often (and restart
it with yum-continue-transaction) because it lags my entire system. It's
all IO use too, the CPU is barely being used!

I have installed a solid state drive in my laptop and it shouldn't be so
slow at deleting or cleaning packages, it's doing one every 5 seconds or
more. Is there some bug with SSDs and yum? (maybe python related as it
seems yum is written in python?) I have no speed issues with anything
else, and when I installed this drive it was a huge overall performance
improvement over my 5400 RPM disk. I'm also using ext4 as it was the
default, and I think a Logical Volume setup instead of a partition based
one (again, default settings).

What should I do?

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