unable to login after getting system update of X11 in fedora 11

Rodrigo Renault rodrigolrenault at gmail.com
Fri Sep 11 21:24:52 UTC 2009

2009/9/11 Bernd Knöttig <bernd.knoettig at googlemail.com>

> I had the same problem on two different laptops running Fedora 11/Gnome
> with an intel 945 chipset after recent xorg-update. A downgrade to previous
> version of xorg-x11-server-Xorg solved the problem.
> Bernd
> My laptop has the same chipset. It seems to be a conflict with this
chipset, the new xorg-x11-server-Xorg and compiz/desktop efects. Like Sam
said just disabling compiz as my window mananger solved my problem.
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