F11: UTF-8 Locale issue

Tim ignored_mailbox at yahoo.com.au
Mon Sep 14 11:02:05 UTC 2009

>> Have you, now, changed the defaults, and did it work?

Daniel B. Thurman:
> Please bear with me if I seem dense. What do you
> mean by if I have >>changed the defaults<<???
> What is the defaults? How can I tell.

Well, in that question I meant this:  Your system had defaulted to
Afrikaans (it had set /something/ before you had done so).  Had you
changed that setting, and did it make any noticeable difference.?

I'm not sure, but changing that setting might require a log out and back
in again.  I think my default was en-US, though I can't remember.  I set
my locale on the GDM screen as I was logging in.  I cannot remember any
locale setting during the installation.  Later, I set the system default
to en-AU (Gnome system administration preference control for Language),
so that anyone else who logged in would start with the (usual) right
default, so they wouldn't have to change anything.

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