F11: Amarok doesn't see all my music files

Don Levey fedora-list at the-leveys.us
Mon Sep 14 18:47:46 UTC 2009

Michael Schwendt wrote:
> 1) Is it reproducible with individual albums? Can you copy all tracks
> of an affected album to a different location and reproduce the problem
> there?
Yep - there seems to be something about the tracks, I guess.

> 2) Have you run  amarokcollectionscanner  in a terminal yet to see
> what output it gives for an album that is affected?

Not yet; I'm about to...
OK, I ran it.  I tested on a directory in which I know I've had
problems, (has two subdirectories, each with one album) and I see no
error or differences between working and non-working tracks.  I then
went up one level to the entire collection, but there was too much
information.  I did see a run of "invalid sample rate" errors but these
didn't reference a file.

Does this make sense?


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