F11: x86_64: Different boot styles

Mikkel mikkel at infinity-ltd.com
Tue Sep 15 01:16:15 UTC 2009

lanas wrote:
> I've installed F11 x86_64 on two 64-bits machines from the very same
> DVD and the two machines boot in a different manner:
> 1st : by showing a blue/white horizontal bar at the bottow of the
> screen.  This boot method seems slow.
> 2nd: by showing a slanted 'teardrop' in the middle of the screen that
> quickly shows the Fedora logo.  This boot method is faster.
> Why are there two different ways of booting on two x86_64 machines from
> the very same DVD ?  What is the mechanism that lead to these two
> different approaches ?
You can add vga=ask to the kernel line in your grub.conf. You can
then get it to display supported video modes, and try different
modes. When you get it looking the way you want, replace ask with
the mode you want. I believe you have to prefix the value with 0x,
(vga=0x31a) or convert the value to decimal.


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